The KIOMA brand emerges as an innovative concept in the beauty industry by encapsulating two areas of beauty related products in one space.

We at KIOMA understand the wide spectrum of contemporary consumer profiles and their needs. It is with this in mind that KIOMA has launched a cosmetics collection with prices ranging from 1€ to 10€ and a perfume range at 80% lower prices.


Our cosmetics are manufactured to rigorous quality specifications and are regulated by European Standards. The product range is produced as part of our partnership with one of the most experienced and long-standing make up manufacturers on the old continent, based in Italy.
KIOMA specialises in face, eyes, lips and hand product ranges.


Our brand also offers some 85 fragrances, available in individually designed bottles and packaging. Each fragrance is subject to thorough quality control processes ensuring all of the scent properties are retained.


KIOMA presents an opportunity to create synergies in the franchise expansion model. Our innovative concept comes forward as both affordable and stylishly chic with growing appeal to international and cosmopolitan audiences.


In a business area of increasing competition, KIOMA offers a strategic positioning by introducing a distinctively unique concept.
KIOMA – Make up & Perfumes has established itself as a pioneer in the beauty world by offering the opportunity to create a space of combined colour and fragrance.

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